Is doordash stealing from dashers?

In November of 2020 Doordash was ordered to pay $2.5 million from a lawsuit that accused the company of stealing drivers tips. Well did they stop? I know everyone must be thinking, well of course they did, they wouldn’t want to payout millions again. But how can you be sure that you are paid exactly what you are owed, especially if Doordash hides total payout on the request screen? Well one dasher actually caught a payout that didn’t match the offer screen & you will be suprised how Doordash support handled it. (or you may not)

Just yesterday, January 14th, 2022 one dasher experienced something that most dashers do not, the total payout on the delivery complete screen was actually lower than the one presented on the offer screen, which according to Doordash this should not happen & the total you see of the offer screen is the minimum amount that you will earn for each delivery. (https://help.doordash.com/dashers/s/article/How-is-Dasher-pay-calculated?language=en_U)

The shop & deliver order came in at 10:14 AM, $31.59 for 3.3 miles & was accepted by the dasher, 53 minutes later when the order was completed Doordash paid the dasher $27.84 a difference of $3.75. When this dasher reached out to support they began to give her the run around, such reasons as:

“I totally understand you, also some customers offers some quantity of tip and they modify it later. You will receive the amount you was offered” (But the dasher didn’t as you can see from the screenshots)

“Might be its a tip amount that the customer removed there tip amount” (Since when does Doordash allow this & why is it is not noted anywhere like Ubereats?)

Another support agent confirmed the payment amount is $27.84 ($25.34 is the tip), but if the dasher has a gaurantee of $31.59 on the offer screen, the payout should never be lower, directly from Doordash help site.

Luckily for this dasher she was using the Drivers Utility Helpers automatic screenshot feature, so she does have proof of the offer request & the completed payout, but not all dashers take a screenshot of every order that comes in.

This dasher is still trying to contact someone support for her $3.75 as clearly the normal support channels are using copy/paste responses, Doordash owes this dasher that amount according to the offer screen & their own website, and you can bet if they are doing it to this dasher, then they have done it to other dashers.

While it may not be on purpose and/or a system glitch by the Doordash driver app, the issue is still there & Doordash is responsible for the payment of the up front offer & drivers should not have to fight for payments owed. We encourage all dashers to watch their payments & make sure you are getting what is offered.

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