Rideshare Utility Assistant

Working for Uber, Lyft, Postmates or Grubhub? Then Maxymo can can help you manage your trip request, drive smarter, drive safer and earn more.

Maxymo is an on demand rideshare utility assistant, it works for you to make your job easier, safer and earning more. With Maxymo you get automated switching, auto accepting and filtering unprofitable trips.

Let Maxymo work for you and assist you with managing several mobile applications at the same time to boost your income. Start your two week FREE trial today!

 Only available on android

Drivers Utility Helper


Drivers Utility Helper is an android app designed to assist independent contractors that are already signed up for doordash be more proficient while on delivery. 

The DUH app can assist you with custom filters to help accept the orders, decline the orders you don’t want, show you on screen alerts so you can make the best decision, or even speak to you, all without having to take your eyes off the road or while you are busy with other activities.

Focus more on driving and delivering and less on watching your phone for orders. Get started today for FREE, drive safe, drive smart and earn more when using the DUH app.

Only available on android

Flex Alert

Amazon Flex Utility Assistant

Do you deliver for Amazon Flex? Well then you know the hassle of tapping the screen for hours on end just to see if there is a block available. Flex Alert helps take away this task with automated tapping, sound alerts and notifications to let you know when a block has appeared. Now you can focus on other task or earn on other gigs while you wait for a block to drop. Did we mention it is free?

Only available on android