So you have seen on Facebook or Twitter about other drivers running the older version of the Doordash app to see the total without the tips being hidden. Well we are here to walk you through what those drivers did in order to get that app installed.

This is actually a very easy process and takes only a few minutes to do so, but we should mention this is only for android users, IOS does not allow you to run previous versions. 

Step 1 

Navigate to your dasher app and uninstall it, on most phones that is settings > apps > dasher > uninstall. Sometimes you can press and hold the icon as well and click uninstall.


Step 2

Go to your google playstore and make sure all your current apps are updated. Once all your apps are updated go to phone settings > apps > google playstore > click disable. Now you will get a warning about if you disable this app other apps may no longer work, but go ahead and click disable app. 

* Note: If you find an app that isn’t working correctly or is crashing constantly you will need to enable your google playstore again while you are using that app, but google playstore must be disabled to use the previous version of the dasher app.

Step 3

Step 3 is a very easy step, all you need to do is download the previous version of dasher app, install it and log in to your account. If you are downloading it from our website, click the download button below, wait for the download to finish, click the notification bar and select to install the app.

Where to download

There are many places you can download dasher version 5.63.6, a quick google search shows many locations, but to ensure you aren’t getting a pirated version or one that might steal your data we have downloaded it directly ourselves and making it available via the button below.

UPDATE: As of 1/20/2021 this option is no longer available. Doordash has disabled using any previous versions of the app that show the full payout. You will need to use the current version of the dasher app.

Android install warning

Some users might see the warning below stating that the file can harm your device. This is a default android warning to make sure you are aware of where you are downloading files. Always make sure any file you download is a source you trust. Middleton Technologies app files will always come from one of our websites directly or from the Google playstore. If you are in doubt if it is our file, please reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you.