A little history!

In 2019 Doordash was sued for using the customer tips to help boost pay of non-tipping customers, IE tip stealing. For a short period after Doordash lost the lawsuit the CEO Toxy Xu released a statement that Dashers would now see the full payout and each request would be fully transparent. Then a few months later, the company rolled out a new pay model that started to hide part of the tip, which Doordash claimed the reason was “To ensure that every Dasher on the platform continues to be treated fairly and has access to consistent earnings”

Why does Doordash hide tips?

This really isn’t a secret, every dasher knows this happens and you can pretty much guess right off why they do it and it isn’t so every driver is treated fairly or else they wouldn’t have a top dasher status to begin with, they just simply don’t care about the drivers.  Since the customer pays a fee and the restaurant pays a fee, Doordash only cares that the food is picked up and that the customer eventually gets it delivered, and yes, even the non-tippers. Doordash knows that eventually some driver will take that $3.00 order, or they will boost it up $1-$2 to get it delivered, when they should just encourage customers to tip to have priority delivery.

Sow what can be done?

For drivers there really are very limited options, there isn’t anything you can do to force Doordash to show you the full payout directly. You of course could just simply decline every order that doesn’t meet your requirements in hopes to force Doordash to show full payouts or even boost the pay more. My personal is $7.00 per order and $1.00 per mile, anything under is declined, even if it has a hidden tip, which just delays the customers food getting picked up & delivered.

Alternative methods do exist, but they come at a very risky level, such as deactivation or suspension. You could use an old version of Doordash driver app to sync up to the newer version, although not risky as other choices, it also is not a very realiable way and works off & on. (most facebook groups can point you in the right direction here)

Iphone users can use HTTP Catcher and then parse the incoming JSON request to see the hidden payout. You can see a video demostration here. Although it is a little painful to do for orders over and over, and it does take some training to get it down, it is less likely that Doordash will be able to find out or even punish you for it.

The newest, most risky, but easiest way for both IOS & Android users, is to use the new service from Para called Tip-Transparency which will allow you to sync your dasher account and then get a text message with the full payout showing. I do strongly suggest you read up on the service as well as their FAQ section. (See image below)

If you are an android user you will also be allowed in a future Drivers Utility Helper update to sync with the para service and display this information on the screen directly, so you can make a quicker informed decision about the order. DUH of course isn’t pulling the information, only displaying it, so you do have to be signed up with para already. (see image below) Currently this method is in private beta, and the public beta will only be released in the Drivers Utility Helper Facebook group, so if you haven’t joined it, you might want to if you have an android.

My Summary

All this madness could be avoided, drivers could be less stressed and earn a great living wage if Doordash would just stop playing games and encourage non-tippers to actually tip. You see the lengths that drivers go through just so they can make an informed decision, even if it could end up getting them deactivated they are willing to take that risk to earn a living wage.