What is Maxymo?

Maxymo is an app that automates Uber, Lyft, Postmates and Juno ride request using custom filters set by the user, when a request comes in Maxymo can accept that request and then turn off the other apps for the user, once the ride is over Maxymo will turn everything back on, No more missing trips or distracted driving and drivers can focus more on maximizing their profits and driving safely.

Maxymo Offers A Wide Range Of Features


app switching

Driving for multiple platforms has never been easier, Maxymo's app switching feature allows you to focus more on driving and less on switching apps.

filter request

Maxymo's filters allow you to maximize your profits by only accepting the trips you believe are most profitable with the least amount of work.

hands free

Maxymo has built in voice commands which will allow you to keep your eyes on the road while you drive.

GPS Tracking

Maxymo can track your route for you, so you know exactly where you been and how many miles you drove in the time frame you were online.

Why Maxymo?

Whether you drive for one platform or four, Maxymo can help. Maxymo's automation technology will help reduce your stress, maximize your profits and help you drive less. Set your filters, and watch Maxymo do the work for you.

Free 30 day trial

Why pay for something if you aren't going to like it or don't feel the need to use it? This is why Maxymo comes with a 30 day trial for all new accounts. After that just pay $2.99 per month.


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